TGA on the Road

The Texas Gas Association is currently planning several On the Road Meetings around the state.

For those of you unfamiliar with these meetings, they are held in the various RRC regions in the state. We are currently plannng meetings in Region 3 – East Texas (Appleby); Region 5 – upper Coastal (/sealy); Region 1 – Panhandle (Dumas); Region 2 – Far West Texas (Fort Stockton); and Region 7 West and Coastal.

These meetings bring information from the TGA Annual Meeting, Roundtables, Committes and published rules and regulations.

These meetings are free to operators and offer inexpensive tabletop exhibit tables ($125) to Associate Companies.

Current sinal scheduled meetings:

Region 3 – East Texas – Appleby Fire Station

Operator Registration Form or Register online

Associate Registration Form or Register online