Transmission Committee

gas_pipeline_fragmentsChair: Stephen Neighbours, The Dow Chemical Company
Vice Chair: Danny Nichols, Energy Transfer
Vice Chair: Tim Kocian, CenterPoint Energy

The Transmission Committee provides a platform for communication and discussion among the transmission member companies about those matters which the TGA could provide help or leadership. The Committee also coordinates with the Employee Development Committee to schedule classes that would be beneficial to the transmission community.

The Transmission Committee is also responsible for the planning and implementation of a Transmission Roundtable to provide training and education for the TGA member companies.

Active members of the Committee are:

Steve Archer, OneOK WesTex Transmission
Landon Brown, Atmos Energy, MidTex
Raul Cantu, BP-L48
Terry DeLasalle, Greene’s Energy
Martin Donda, CPS Energy
Sean Epps, Heath Consultants
Albert Garcia, Summit Midstream
Tim Huffer, Targa Resources
John Jacobi, G2 Partners, LLC
Rusty Jennett, LaSen
Robert Johnson, Binkley & Barfield
Jim Kay, TD Williamson
John Maroul, EXP Engineering
Robin McIntosh, Smart Pipe
Doug Meeks, Texas 811
Jessica Roger, RCP
Elizabeth Ryall, RCP
Matt Stratman, Summit Midstream
Robert Taber, Texas Gas Service
Terry Talley, Dimension Energy Services

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