Marketing Committee

Marketing Committee

Chair: Daniel Pope, Sí Energy

The mission of the Texas Gas Association Marketing Committee is to lead the ongoing discussion of marketing-related issues in the natural gas utility/pipeline transportation industry and share best marketing practices across all components.

There are several components of this mission:

1. Creating public awareness of the numerous economic & environmental benefits of natural gas.
2. Promote innovative natural gas solutions, including:
– Natural gas vehicles
– On-site power generation using natural gas as a fuel source
– Promotion of the conversion of homes/developments from less desirable energy sources (eg. central propane systems), to clean burning and plentiful natural gas
3. Promote the use of natural gas as a fuel in applications that have traditionally turned to all-electric utility usage, such as multi-family (apartment/condominium) developments.
4. Promote continued use of natural gas appliances in single-family homes, increase burner tips and discourage conversion to less efficient electric appliances.
The marketing committee is currently focused on the promotion of natural gas vehicle fueling stations, and gaining a better understanding of the issues compressed natural gas vehicle fueling station owner/developers & fleet operators face when trying to implement this technology. The marketing committee is committed to identifying these issues, and providing solutions that utilities & natural gas transportation pipelines can implement to better accommodate the needs of the CNG fueling industry.

Active Members of the Committee are:

Randall Hackworth, Magnolia River
Elsa Longoria, Atmos Energy
Jack Maki, Dimension Energy Services
Kenton Odom, Texas Gas Service
Brandi Price, Atmos Energy
Tisha Reed, Thigpen Energy Solutions
Darwin Stamport, Atmos Energy
Don Stanton, CPS Energy
Jeff Thompson, City of Boerne

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