Safety Roundtable – You should be here!

The 2015 Safety Roundtable is underway in Plano Texas at Atmos Energy’s Charles K. Vaughan Center in Plano, Texas.

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The attendance for the roundtable is great and the presentations today are excellent.

Today’s presentations include:

  1. Damage Prevention – Jeff Henderson, West Texas Gas; Melissa Brannan, Texas 811
  2. Distracted Driving – Brad Robertson, Midland Police Department

Brad Robertson,-001 Brad and Jeff - Certificate-001

  1. Confined-Space  Bobby Isaacs, Atmos Energy; Glynda Cox, Texas Gas Service
  2. Respiratory Protection – Bobby Isaacs, Atmos Energy
  3. Tour of the training area of the Charles K Vaughan Center.

The Roundtable was coordinated by the Safety Committee; Jeff Henderson, Bobby Isaacs, Glynda Cox, Peter Warrick, Mike Cavazos, Brandon Utterback and Melissa Brannan. The excellent quality and content are a direct result of the hard work of these folks.

The Safety Roundtable will be in the planning stage for upcoming years. Your input is invaluable to ensure the quality of the future roundtables.

It is also an excellent time to think about joining the Safety Committee. Meeting with the Committee, planning the presentations for the Summer meeting and exchanging ideas about best practices in the Safety community. There will be a Committee Meeting on April 23, at Moody Gardens Hotel in Galveston. See the links at the top of the page for registration forms and additional information about the Committee meeting.


Links to today’s presentations:

Damage Prevention

Distracted Driving

Confined Space Rescue

Respiratory Protection

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