RRC makes organizational changes

RRC - 326

The Railroad Commission Reorganizes

Below is an announcement regarding the Reorganization of the management structure of the RRC:

From: Milton A. Rister
Sent: Tuesday, December 30, 2014 3:22 PM
Subject: Announcement

Kari French, currently the Division Director of Gas Services, has been named the Director of Oversight and Safety. The divisions of Pipeline Safety, Gas Services and Alternative Energy will all report to Kari in her new role. This reorganization will help the Railroad Commission bring even greater efficiency and consistency to the important operations of this agency, allowing us to better serve our state.

During her brief time at the Commission, Kari has already had a strong impact on the Gas Services Division and will bring that same leadership to the other two divisions. I want to thank Kari for taking on this role. She will be meeting with all those involved in the days ahead and looks forward to working with this newly formed group.
Also, Polly McDonald resigned as Director of the Pipeline Safety Division effective December 31, 2014

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